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New Dating App to meet new people. Based on people's interests. Meet new people – Singles, Couples, Groups. MeTrueYou – Flirt, Match, Chat, Meet new friends in your area.

People lives in a dynamic environment now. Business, work, education, family, kids. No time for yourself. No time to relax anymore. Everyone tries to relax in their own way. One is going to paint, the other goes to play poker, someone else has his own private desires.

Today's technology is improved daily. Even better, even faster, even easier. We try to combine that with the values that apply to all humanity - Love, Respect and Understanding. The point is that the users will meet each other in real life.

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User First

MeTrueYou company is working on a user-friendly app for dating open-minded people. The wishes and desires of the users are of paramount importance.

14+ Year Experience

The founders of MeTrueYou have been closely involved with the developments since the start of Social Media. We have gained a lot of experience both on technological level and on human knowledge.

Professional Team

The people behind the scenes have a lot of experience in different areas. Technology, Project Management, Legislation, Psychology, etc. We combine all that knowledge and experience to provide users the most reliable source of Socializing.

Why Choose MeTrueYou App?

Ultra Responsive Design

Very modern digital environment that meets the latest trends.

User friendly

So many people and so many wishes. We are constantly working to deliver the best product that fits the wishes and desires of our users.

Security and Trust

Security and Trust are very important aspects of online dating. We are in the way of the latest developments in that area. Right from the start we do not participate in fake profiles and we keep your details being well hidden.

We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them. We provide services Users worldwide. User satisfaction is our first goal.