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Yesterday was the launch date of the very first version of our newest MeTrueYou App on Google Play. What a day was that. For the First time in a very long time I felt free! Free of obligations, obstacles and other unwanted stuff in life.  Now I will do what I want, I can be myself and of course I will do what I need to do, voluntary and unconditional.

First I would like to name everybody, who has contributed to this project (including thanks words):

Guys of Pioneer for their beautyful website theme.  These guys got a passion for creating of elegant, light weighted and awesome WordPress themes. Many thanks for your passion.


The engineers for the creating of the script behind our App. They have been developing scripts and engines since 2001. They know all the ins and outs of the business and they can create a really optimized script. This guys come from UK, but they work together with other engineers among other countries, from Germany and USA. Do not forget also those Russian guys, who, like me, have sought their salvation abroad at a younger or later age. Many thanks for your creative idea(s).


All my professional business contacts. What you don’t know, you can learn, what you can’t learn, you can ask. But the goal remains the same – to complete in a professional manner, what  you have started and reap benefits from it. Many thanks for your knowledge.


I would like to thank the people behind the social media engines, the search engine and the app store for their limitless way of thinking to create a new world for us. This is all about communication, the communication between people. Or who else?

You guys, all my social contacts – who gave me the inspiration to go ahead. To dream, to think and to DO! Day in and day out.


YOUR race, culture, skin color, origin, religion, age, sex, sexuality, and disability will never bother me . Just be yourself, but do not forget to be good for your fellow men. There will be always someone who will be with you, in pros and cons.


Some of you gave a special tint on my colorful life. I am talking about Belgium, about Antwerp, how they say in Antwerp: “Ge ligd in de boveste schuif” – what means “I like to see you, you’re my favorite (you’re in the highest tray)”.


My word of thanks for 5 friends in my life: Alex, Igor, Jos, Vadim and Youri. Throughout life you were always there for me. We have been through a lot together and have also experienced many or a few phases of life together. Thank you for the proper way of living.


My passionate words for my kids.  You are everything where I am living for. You are my break and continue. I broke the rules and I continue to live… for you. There is nothing better that a parent can give to his child(ren) – Love, Childhood, Wisdom, Experience and Feeling for life. Live like me, but do not make the same mistakes.


Those were the words of my parents. I love my parents, I have always enjoyed your presence ( in my near death too), but especially your love. I will always carry that in my heart and transfer it, as you have taught me. Indescribable “Thank You” for your guidance, for your advice and especially for matters that matter in life.


The word of thanks to my in-laws. You have taught me and also showed me what is it all about in bourgeois life – love, passion, dreams and pleasure. Because there is not much in life, if you do not have fun and believe neither. Believe makes you strong.


A very special word about someone who has made my world liveable. My wife. You are the most beautiful creature that my life has to offer to me. You are my day and night, my weather and thunderstorm, my notice and defense. God has made it possible for the two open-minded people to make the lives of others more colorful, but in my life you make it double, oh no …limitetless colorful, promising & satisfied. You complete my 50 missing shades. I will always love you, baby.


* * *


The Photo is not most rescent, but it shows clearly my way of life. Serious in daylight, but dreaming inside. Always looking forward to new possibilities. I have seen the world, I know the differences.


Today, 11th of August 2018, another day to move on. In few hours I will fly to Poznan to participate in Pride Parade.

Many people think I am Gay or Bi. Some of them asks me about. May I Come Out Now?


No, I am not, but I have RESPECT for all those people. For their Courage, for their free way of Life, for their Dreams.


There is a lot more behind the rainbow and the horizon.


With these words I stop writing and see you next….


“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”

~ Buddha