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Everything about relationships, love and friendship

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Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human.


There are many types of love, but most people search with expression for a romantic relationship with a compatible partner.


For some, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element of life, a source of deep fulfillment.


The ability to have a healthy, loving relationship is not innate.


Much of the evidence suggests that the ability to form a stable relationship begins in childhood, in the earliest experiences of a child with a caregiver who reliably meets the child’s needs for food, care, protection, stimulation and social contact.


These relationships are not destiny, but they seem to establish patterns in relationships with others.


Failed relationships happen for many reasons and the failure of a relationship is often a source of great psychological fear.


Most of us have to work consciously to master the skills needed to make the relationships work.


The reasons why we date (online).

Interactions before the first meeting play an important role in determining the trajectory of a potential relationship. Before the first meeting, the discussion partners have the opportunity to learn more about each other while they assess whether or not they are well attuned to each other.


The information we share, both verbal and non-verbal, can make a lasting impression. That is why first discussions are often carefully organized events in which the participants play a specific role, with the aim of creating a bond.


A large part of the gender differences that are observed during the first conversations are the result of emotional and sexual attraction. These differences give people control over a situation, but can also ensure that they place themselves in the expected patterns.


The purpose of (online) dating

It is important to determine the purpose of dating, because the reasons we engage in this behavior can be related to the different experiences we have during our dates.


The younger daters view dating from a more egocentric perspective, while late bloomers are more focused on having healthy and balanced relationships.


Specifically, seven different functions of dating can be named:

  • – recreation,
  • – socialization,
  • – camaraderie,
  • – increasing status (i.e., to increase social status by dating an attractive or popular partner),
  • – courtship,
  • – intimacy,
  • – sexual experiments


The reasons for (online) dating are:

  • – personal uncertainty,
  • – examining the possibility of a future relationship,
  • – friendship and fun


The reasons why people date are important because they show that there are many goals that it can serve.


The reason why one person chooses to go on a date may not match the goal of his / her interlocutor. Therefore, assessing the level of involvement and interest that a person has in a person before you have a date can be decisive for determining whether the first actual meeting can take place. [1]


The traditions of yore and the freedom of today

In the past, dating had one specific goal – finding the future spouse, even if you did not exclude cheating of your regular partner.


Friendships could be made with people of the same sex.


Sharing interests was only done in an association.


Right now those lines are being crossed. Human is looking for more freedom. Human no longer wants to be placed in a specific box. Human wants to be himself now and that gives freedom to human.


Today’s freedom comes about through more causes. The inter-gender interactions, expressed in sharing the same interests, practicing the same sports, having the same positions on the career ladder, having the same political ambitions, etc.


The second reason is the communication options that today’s technology has to offer. Today’s communication technology is getting faster, easier, ever better. That offers us unprecedented opportunities. The pen pals of the past are now called chat friends and often deep in our hearts as our real friends, because we can share the information faster and more easily and express our feelings a better way (eg video, voice chat).


Society is changing. Human changes. Freedom is a choice. Everyone feels free in his or her own way. The “emergence” of the new sexes, the outcome for your sexual orientation has been given a privilege in the civilized world. One can and may love several people.



Polyamory (from the Greek πολύ poly, “many, multiple”, and Latin amor, “love”) stands for a way of life in which one is open to having more than one love relationship simultaneously, while also allowing sexuality on the condition that it happens in openness and honesty and with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Great importance is attached to ethics and good communication between partners and often also with partner partners.


Polyamory is distinctly distinguished from cheating or adultery, which happens without the consent of the partner and is therefore regarded as immoral. Polyamory is described as “consensual, ethical and responsible non-monogamy”.


Polyamorous relationships can exist in various ways, reflecting the choices and philosophies of those involved, but contain recurring themes such as:

  • – love,
  • – intimacy,
  • – honesty,
  • – integrity,
  • – equality,
  • – communication,
  • – dedication


Polyamory differs from polygamy because there is no need of a marriage or intimacy as in polygamy. Polyamorous relationships can take all kinds of forms, from marriage, cohabitation to part-time long-distance relations [2].


Ethical Slut

A woman is quickly seen as a slut when she is flirtatious and seductive; she is seen as a danger to marital happiness.


Positive slut being M/F is possible if you do so with consultation and consent from all concerned. Not a simple task and in most love practices will also prove that it is an impossible task.


The time factor can be a breaker because everyone wants attention. Someone said “polyamory is a career”. It is a well-considered decision from people who take their responsibility.



– Consent: It is all about the (sexual) behavior of everyone

and that it is good for the well-being and pleasure of all persons.

– Honesty: To yourself and the others.

– Respect: Recognize the feelings of jealousy.

– Appointments: Discuss the time to be spent.

– Communicate: Talk about your feelings and keep in touch with each other [3].


MeTrueYou App; MeTrueYou.com; Me True You Company

Relationships exist in many types: sexual, short, long, friendly, intimate, etc. They add to your life, give you space to learn, change you and give you pleasure.


The founders of Me True You Company have been closely involved in the developments since the start of Social Media. We have gained a lot of experience, both at technological level and in the field of human knowledge.


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The MeTrueYou App also serves as the addition to the existing offer. One app focuses specifically on the external properties, the other on the local events (near me). MeTrueYou mainly focuses on sharing the same interests and discovering the new ones.


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“Share your interests, share your dreams!”

“Keep it simple or make it profound!”

“We all communicate!”


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